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Music Posts
The Bunnies Parade
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Here is a new one by my wind ensemble The Nouveau Guinea Ensemble. I Call it The Bunnies' Parade... It's fun!   ...Read more
Music, Guineas, Wind,
Teddy's Tango
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Ah, Teddy's Tango... Exciting, dynamic... People seem to like it.... and you an dance to it! There is a softer interlude in the middle where you can make closer passes with your partner. Like all Tangos this one entangles the passion, romance and mixed messages that are love.   ...Read more
Music, Gerluz, Tango,
Gravity Wave
It's a song... many ways to listen.

I wrote this one while in San Francisco... Nice little town, I love it here. Winters are particularly nice... then again Autumn & Spring are pretty good too. San Francisco is a great walking town. I took a lot of long walks at pretty much any time of day or night, often with a camera.   ...Read more
San Francisco, Music, Song, Gerluz, Gravity Wave, Gerluz,
It's a song... many ways to listen.

This one is actually part of a larger suite that I call Parlor Passages. It is intended to recall the frenetic energy energy of a children's playground. It is quite short, just over a minute a bit of brightness to be inserted in a longer ensemble. The Mondrian-esque artwork.... Well I think it represents everything about a playground. Blue & white for a Summer sky with fluffy clouds. Green for grass, brown for the dirt and red for the skinned knees and whatnot.   ...Read more
Gerluz, Playland, Parlor Passages, Music, Music,
San Francisco Steamer
It's a song... many ways to listen.

It is serious business piloting these steam ferries around the San Francisco Bay... shoveling coal, watching gages & twiddling valves... the fellows have to hustle to makes sure everything runs on time. For the passengers it is a different story. They arrive in 3/4 time, serious in their demeanor, on their way to work in the Tall Buildings. They are thinking about the upcoming deals and business of the day. They might not be shoveling coal but it's still a work day.   ...Read more
Gerluz, San Francisco Steamer, Song, Music, San Francisco,
Skipping Over the Lily Pads
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Ah geepers, I've done it again... Calling this one "Skipping Over the Lily Pads".... The wizardry of Gerluz on the piano. Go ahead and add it to your playlists.   ...Read more
Music, Piano, Gerluz,

Music Posts
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