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Nouveau Guinea Posts
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Savanoia... It's not a word, just a noise you can make with your mouth. I was noodling around and ended up with a sorta swell opening and then became distracted with other things, leaving the intro collecting dust on the virtual shelf. Some time later I wanted to to write something with more repetition. I had been listening to some drone-type stuff and thought it was kind of cool. "I should give that a try."   ...Read more
Music, Guineas, wind ensemble, wild, Savanoia,
Les Baricades Misterieuses
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Also known as the spelling Les Barricades Mysterieuses This is a harpsichord piece from 1717 by the French composer Fran├žois Couperin. I arranged it for 8 wind instruments. For some reason I used the spelling from the original music for this release.   ...Read more
Music, wind ensemble, Baroque, Guineas,
The Bumblebee's Briefcase
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Beginning with the traditional "Bumblebee Trill," The Bumblebee's Briefcase then flies over hill and dale in search of pollen & nectar. The intrepid little tune comes across adventure and drama on its quest until it finally come home t rest in its home hive.   ...Read more
Music, wind ensemble, Bumblebee,
The Bunnies Parade
It's a song... many ways to listen.

Imagine yourself walking down the street, minding your own kind of business. Perhaps you are one of those who like to pull on their ear as they walk, or stroke the soft fur there. Perhaps you like to pause now and then and twitch your whiskers at everything. Down the street you hear the "thump-de-dump".   ...Read more
Music, Guineas, Wind, parade,

Nouveau Guinea Posts
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