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A Layover Day in Buena Vista

Sometimes it's good to stop. All of those places you've been driving through... Well. People live there... Yes, they spend weeks at a time in one place... Years even, I hear tell. So if you want to feel like a real local, you have to spend at least a day in one place. I decided to settle down in Buena Vista it seemed like a nice place to call home... for a day.

Mountain Mahogany

The local Mountain Mahogany is pretty much done for the year. The feathery achenes make a lovely display

A Mountain Chickadee pointedly ignored me.

Broken Tree

Though it appears some event shredded it off at the base. This tree took full advantage of the crevice wherein it rooted when it had the chance.

Mountain Mahogany

I found the spiraled achenes of the Mountain Mahogany quite captivating.


In the midst of a pile of rocks, this little pine tree has a healthy head of hair.

Wren Again

Ah this little wren, When it saw me with the camera it seemed to put on a show. In my experience, Wrens have a lot of curiosity. When I lived in Missouri, my workshop had a two-inch hole in the wall about 10 feet up under the eves. A wren discovered it and decided to make my shop it's home one winter. It never was confused by the windows and used the hole as its private entrance. When I moved, sure enough, tucked high up in one corner of my shop was its nest. It was a very personable wren.

Dead Tree

Another dead tree putting on a very colorful show.

Wrenny for it

Yes, the wren hopped about from here to there... looking back at me as if to ask "Is this a good spot?"

Mountain Chickadee

The Chickadee, on the other hand, just ignored me. it had other things on it's mind... like "Where did I put my lunch?"

Dog Rock

This rock reminds me of the snout of a dog that has the tip of it's tongue sticking out.

Calling Card

So I was bumbling about, up on this steep, rocky hillside when I came across this, um, calling card, placed just about dead center on a large rock. Interesting! I wonder if it was forgotten or left as a message. I snapped a picture and continued on. About 50 feet further I saw what looked to be an opening. "Oooh look", I thought. "This might make somebody a nice home." Two steps further I noticed what appeared very much to be the tip of a tail showing at the near side of the opening. No, not a bunny tail... nor a deer. Definitely not a bear. Oooh,I know... Canine! Dog... coyote... wolf.... What is it they say about letting sleeping dogs lie? Dog, coyote, wolf, whatever.... It eats deer. I'm taking the advice. I turned about and beat a hasty retreat. I had enough pictures for the day.

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