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To Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City, South Dakota is an interesting town. While they advertise themselves as the Gateway to the Black hills and Mount Rushmore, they strive to have enough attiactions in the town itself to keep you lingering there for a few days. In the downtown area it seems there is a statue on every corner. Take a walk and pose with each of them... It seems that back in the 40s & 50s there was a master signmaker and they have some spectacular signage... from Bobs show repair to The South Dakota Stock Growers Association and many other... these diverse signs are worth seeing twice... once during daylight hours and again at night when their neon majesty bightens the night. And of course you must go and visit dinosaur park at the top of the hill!

Rapid City Washerwoman

Only at night can you really enhoy the animated labors of Rapid City's \"Biggest and Best Wash Woman\" as she scrubs the laundry all night long. But she is swell during the day as well!

Whos Hobby House

Who's Hobby house is another wonderful creation... appearing as if casually draped from the cross bar it is cleverly thought out and wonderfully executed. The neon at night only makes you ant to stop by late for those last-minute hobby essentials.

Bobs Repair and Shine

Even a simple shoe repair sign is excellently designed. What could have been another dull, rectangular sign becomes something that makes you want to wear out your shoes so you can visit the proprietor within.

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association sign is a large piece that sits atop their building. Signs like these make one really love the midwest.

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