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Savanoia... It's not a word, just a noise you can make with your mouth. I was noodling around and ended up with a sorta swell opening and then became distracted with other things, leaving the intro collecting dust on the virtual shelf. Some time later I wanted to to write something with more repetition. I had been listening to some drone-type stuff and thought it was kind of cool. "I should give that a try." The 12/8 section in the middle was my attempt. I love 12-time it is so much fun. Anyhow... here it is.

A funny thing... After uploading the tune to Apple Music I noticed that they had re-classified it from classical to electronic. Nope. it's eight or 10 wind instruments. It just needs a really good clarinet player.

Here are a few ways for you to listen free.
Please add it to one of your playlists.
Even better, buy a copy.

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