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And a Few More Pictures of San Francisco

There are always a few left-over pictures that don't seem to fit in with any article.. I'll throw in a Batch of San Francisco images here. these are shot in all sections of the city, and are not displayed in any particular order.

We'll start with this shot taken by the tennis courts at Alta Plaza Park. I've always found that tall apartment building intriguing... it almost seems like a non-sequeter. But I'll bet the rents are as high as the views are incredible. A storm front had just passed and I was taking a liking to the bubbly clouds.

Holey Rock

This rock used in the breakwater that protects the Marina.

layers over layers

Many of the curbs at various corners throughout the city are marked similar to this. This particular corner has been sprayed at least four times with different colored paints... Is there a secret code?

Scooter in Progress

This scooter by Bernal Hill has something going on... Perhaps some day it will find its motor... maybe the onwer is considering converting it to electric.

Colorful Stones

There are a couple of places in town where you can see these colorful rocks. I wish I knew where they got them.

This ribbon of a mural can be found on the north side of Bernal hill.

Taylors Workstation

This colorful taylor's work station can be found on Sacramento Street in Pacific Heights.

Ocean Globule

I came across this clear, gelatinous globule on Ocean Beach. What it is i really don't know.

People enjoying the view on Ocean Beach

St Annes Church in the Sunset District

St Anne's Church in the Sunset District shot from a secret overlook by Coit Tower

Golden Gate Bridge with puffy clouds

Shot from Bernal Hill, the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from across the City

Pacific Heights House at Night

This Mansion at Jackson and Presidio looks quite different at night

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