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To Pierre, SD

My intention was to spend a second night in Aberdeen. But I didn't reserve my room or inform the proprietor I wanted two nights... I had thought I would just breeze in and fetch another room. When I arrived back in Aberdeen about 8:30 pm, I discovered The hotel was booked up. I went to another hotel. it too was booked up... Every hotel in Aberdeen was filled to the brim, and there was not a space for me anywhere in town. Why was this? Was there a Shiner's convention? No such luck.... I discovered that there was a new ginormous Walmart store having its grand opening the next day and people have literally come from miles around and booked every spare room in the city so they could be there first thing in the morning. Every town has its attractions. the giant pheasant of Huron, South Dakota

Allrighty then, I'll just go to the next town and get a room there... the next town with a hotel was 45 miles away. They had two or three hotels, all were filled. Hmmm still the Walmart thing? Ya gotta wonder. Another 45 miles and I found a town with a spare room.The next morning I woke up in Huron, South Dakota. I looked out of the window and was confronted by the World's Largest Pheasant.

It really was the worlds largest pheasant. At least that is what the sign claimed... sitting there on top of a building the morning sun glancing off of it. As I mentioned in paragraph one, every town has its attractions and clearly, the highlight of Huron, South Dakota was this giant bird.

an outbuilding in South Dakota

An outbuilding in South Dakota

Something happened to the roof and front porch of  this house

Something happened to the roof and front porch of this house... Perhaps they are adding on

Two barns backed by a hill

A weary white house in South Dakota

A Country Lawyer's office... things are looking little slow.

two farm buildings and a broken windmill

Two farm buildings and a broken windmill.

Old Schoolhouse

There is not much learning going on inside this old school house. The window frames are interesting though.

A once-white house sports a red door

A once-white house sports a red door. It is open and welcoming. perhaps the farmer takes his coffee breaks here.

Lichen Barn

An old barn with orange lichen on it.

A pair of houses on the South Dakota plains.

Among the many added bits & pieces, this pair of houses on the South Dakota plains have an enclosed hallway between them

Theres a red house over yonder

There is a Red house over yonder with the rusted carcass of a car by its side.

two wrecked cars on a washed out berm

It looks like they had been storing their dead cars along this berm for years when a section of it washed out.

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