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Some Recent Pictures

A Mess of Film Reels

April was an interesting month. Packing things up. A few shots testing a new Canon 100-400mm lens. Of course when packing things can get messy... I knocked over a pile of empty film reels. It looked so nice I just had to take a picture.

Patina on Copper

Yes, I like playing around with copper plates & chemicals. This is one of the results.


Just testing a new telephoto lens. This little bird was taking a drink at the bird bath. Flycatcher? Odd bokeh in the upper left.

Scrub Jay

Another test of the telephoto. I love California Scrub Jays they are immensely curious and fun to watch. I will miss having them around. This one has been commandeering the back yard for the past year or so.


The Canon 100 - 400 f/4.5-5.6L lens can focus as close as 4 feet away. This can give you some interesting close-up shots.

Geranium Bud

Another close up, this one using the 100 - 400mm lens with a 2x extender... So it has the effective focal length of 800mm. Buttery bokeh, razor thin depth of field.

Film Reels

Another shot of the film reels. The first one was right after I knocked over a stack of them... Then I tried to get clever and arrange them. Hah!

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