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To Aberdeen, SD

Right by the Tallest Tower a farmer installed a row of old pickup trucks by the side of the road.The weather was coming up, but there were still spots of sunlight traversing the fields...With luck and patience one might fall across the barn you are trying to shoot.The Next day when I got to the Sheyenne Valley,it as overcast and drizzling... but the old, abandoned house just stood there and took itThis started out as a pretty big house. It looks like this farmer had a need to expand multiple times as the family grew.All roof, no walls, sheds like these are great for storing equipment.Further on as I crossed into South Dakota, the weather let up a little, but the clouds remained on high.A gigantic field of corn was guarded by this barn.Next to the barn was this old, abandoned farmhouse... sans windows, sans doors, sans family...In Hecla, South Dakota the lumber yard seems a little sparse, but it is tidy and well-painted... the delivery truck is off to the sideThis weather vane on the Mertz farm lets you know which way the wind is blowing This old Ford truck has been put out to pasture. It rests quietly, dreaming of the days of former gloryWhat a great old Victorian house in Aberdeen, South Dakota.The second floor porch around the turret is a winner!South Dakota is flat! The horizon goes on forever and when you reach the edge you are no longer in South Dakota.This barn has a breezeway, the grass around it is tidily mown.End of day. The edge of a weather front catches the last rays of the sun of to the distant horizon.The orange turns to pink & purple beneath a crystal-blue sky

An old barn in a field in North Dakota

An old barn in a field in North Dakota

An old house in the Sheyenne Valley of North Dakota

An old house in the Sheyenne Valley of North Dakota

This North Dakota house has been added to many times. Dormers, bay windows, and that front extension with the curved roof. It seems that everytime the farmer had a new idea for the house he followed his fancy.

quonset hut

Quick & easy to put up these quonset-type barns are popular\r

An outbuilding on a hill on a  South Dakota farm

An outbuilding on a hill on a South Dakota farm

An orange lichen has decided to grow on the roof of this lovely barn. At one point there was another building attached to its side.

an old abandoned house in front of a delightful barn

No windows, no doors, not even a speck of paint. Looks good to me. particularly when it is backed up by that nice barn!

The Lumber Yard in Hecla, South Dakota

The lumber yard in Hecla, South Dakota has a spiffy paint job

The custom painted windmill/weathervane at the Mertz Farm

The custom painted windmill/weathervane at the Mertz Farm

This old Ford truck as been around a while and has seen a lot of things... now it rests in retirement out back of the barn.

an old victorian house with a turret & balconies

In Aberdeen, South Dakota you will see this nice blue house. I particularly like the two-story balcony that was built around the turret.

The expansive sky and endless horizon of South Dakota

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