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Broadus, MT to Cohagen, MT

When you wake up early and get moving you get to see some ineresting mornings. This day was no exception. The day began under a wide open sky with just a few smeared clouds over it's pallette.

I drove a while on pavement and then started off on some dirt roads. Soon enough I felt like I was, again, in the middle of nowhere. "A cup of tea would be nice," I thought. Pulled off to the ditch and unpacked the geat to heat some water & make a cup... It was lovely, though the clouds were spreading over the sky more, it was nice to sit there on the tailgate and sip some of the caffinated brew while plucking a tune on the guitar when this fellow drives up. Selfie with the weird sky

"You're doin' ok? Not broke down or nothing?"

"No, just fine, just taking a break and enjoying the beautiful morning."

"All right, we just saw your outfit sittin' here and wanted to make sure you weren't broke down or anything."

I looked over to the East, about four miles off was a set of buildings that went with a ranch. Perhaps he was also checking to make sure I wasnt' hunting or something. Nevertheless, it is a solid set of folk who live out here. these are good neighbors to have around.

I finished my tea and drove on. The clouds smeared further getting thin and thick. The light was getting weird. I am guessing there was more than one layer of morning clouds with higher layers reflecting strange light. Strange and beautiful. Something had to be done.. what indeed? Yes, time for a selfie.

Eventually I made my way back to pavement, ran up the road again. After a bit I spied what looked like another promising detour.... off I went.

Montana Abandoned Church

Along the detour you run into the usual suspects.. an old, abandoned building that had been used as a church...\r

Decrepit farm house

Further on the road, an old dilapidated farm house... Way out on the wide, open plains.

Forgotten house

Another view of the same house. Yep, you can see right through it!

A shelf of rock marked the edge of a slight depression... I climbed up a protrusion to see where I was headed... Yep... whole lotta nothin'.

Pile of Flagstones

On top of the overlook was a pile of flagstones from the broken shelf... It is quote possible that these have been here for hundreds of years, piled up perhaps even by the native Americans... marking a waypoint across the plains.

Further along, I stand on the roof of my truck to see what lies ahead. The far ridge of the other side of the depression is out yonder.

Range Stock at Large

Many miles down my chosen road I meet another... This one will take me back to pavement in about 10 - 15 miles. Today this is a good thing, the sky is about to open up and give us a good soaking. dusty dirt roads turn to slick mud pretty quick out here. 50 miles further on the pavement I get to Cohagen,

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