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About The Yodel

San Francisco Windmills

The Yodel is a construction of my own. The Content Management System, flawed & incomplete as it is, is the latest rendering of the Planet Chicken page-o-matic system that I have been poking at since 2000.

The CMS is built with php & mysql. It isn't fancy, it does just what I need it to do. One of the things I like about it besides the simplicity is that its structure is uncommon and therefore more difficult and (and not worth the effort) to hack. Since I like to wander about at times, I have build it so I generate content on my laptop or main machine & it will sync everything up when I happen to run into a connection... Since I only need a connection when updloading the new content. I am able to do so over a cellphone connection. I am discovering this is kinda handy. is an attempt to centralize a lot iof the junk that I do. There is no commenting yet, I cant imagine there could be much interest in that but is is on the list, though perhaps somewhat far down.

For the photo geeks out there, I am a mainly Canon DSLR shooter. Though I find the iPhone rather convenient, the experience of hauling a cumbersome rig about, setting up & taking a shot has satisfaction all of it's own. I suppose schlepping an 8 x 10 large format camera & exposing glass plates can only be more fun! For post I use Lightroom & Photoshop.

For music, I pretty much stick with Logic Pro these days, I'm a big fan of the Vienna Instruments catalog. My main piano is the Vienna Imperial Bosendorfer. I pretty much program all aspects of a song & performance with a mouse & graphics tablet. The only keyboard used is a qwerty. I haven't had access to a decent space to do live recording for quite a while, so it's a matter of making do with what you've got. Probably the reason why I have only been releasing instumentals.

Most of my music can be found on at Chicken House Records as well as apple music, spotify etc. My main nom de plume is "Gerluz." The name is a play on the name of the Carl Barks character "Gyro Gearloose." For the Scott Joplin, Claude Debussy & Antonin Dvorak piano stuff I did some rearranging and programmed the performances. On the Dvorak Serenade for Strings I transcribed the orchestral piece into a duet for two pianos & then programmed the prerformances. All of the other piano work is stuff I wrote. Gerl├╝z is the character I use for the Pianist. his history is so much more interesting than mine.

The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble is another nom de plume I use. I am using the Vienna Orchestra set of wind instrument samples. Ensemble pieces are a huge amount of fun, but take a fair amount of attention... It will probably be a few years until things settle down enough for me to start witing more of them.

anyhow... that's it. you can reach me through the Contact page.

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