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"Wyoming?" You ask... "Weren't you just in Canada?" Church, Mountains, Skies

Well, um, yes... but you see... There was something I needed to get done in Wyoming,so....

"What about Montana?" You coninue, "What happened to Montana?"

Montana? I love Montana, but I needed to get to Wyoming so I drove through it.

"The entire state? Whoof, just like that?" Pink Granite Hillside

No, not the entire state. Just from Leonia to Aberdeen... Don't worry, I'll go back......

Yes that's right, I whisked through the great state of Montana. I have been hangin out in the eastern side. Casper to Douglas & thereabouts. I tell ya, the Dash from Canada to Wyoming was a lo-o-o-ong drive... Sure the speed limit in Montana is 80mph but that is too fast to really enjoy the drive... The scenery is whisking past and you cant get any good rubbernecking in.

Aw Geeze,is he taking pictures of wrecked buildings again? To paraphrase Tolstoy: "All standing buildings stand up in the same way, but all forgotten, decrepit building is decrepit in it's own, unique way."

Dragon Spine Ridge

The third picture in this series was taken high up on a ridge. Looking down into the valley below I saw this fascinating structure. it makes me think of the word "kerplop". Yes, indeed that looks like flared circular shape tilted on it's side with echoes of the same for do the right. How did this form? I have no idea, but I sure would like to figure it out.

Here is the same structure taken from the valley floor. Big ol' storm cloud in the background.

Red white red white red white.... colorful strata on this cliff face... lots of windmills off in the distance.

Windmills on the ridge, a farmstead in the foreground... Now which one of those trees will I hang my hammock under?

Tree, Rocks, Mountain

Up on the ridge where the pink granite lives.

Refinery Burn off

Yes, Wyoming has a lot of windmills... they also have a whole lot more oil wells(and coal mines) Here is a refinery by Casper burning off excess stuff. Mmmm black, sooty smoke in a clear blue sky... all of the soot is a sign of poor combustion. if the can get more oxygen in the mix is would burn more completely and have less soot... but what the heck... there's a lot of air out here to fill with the stuff.

Quartz Crystal

Up on the ridge of pink Granite again... That cracked, white hexagon is a large quartz crystal. it is 6 - 8 inches across... that seemed big to me. You can see how other, smaller quartz crystals formed in that gap. Nature abhors a vacuum. Cool stuff.

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