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Monticello, Utah

I spent a week and a half in Monticello, Utah. Nice little town, not a lot going on, nothing at all on Sundays. This was a good thing. I had a programming project that I needed to complete, the only distractions was trying to find food. I finished it. It is exactly what I needed. And now I could leave Monticello.

I headed west into Manti-La Sal National Forest, there was a long, twisty route that was just about what I was looking for. Manti-La Sal National Forest, is a well-kept secret and the locals want to keep it that way. It offeres a wide variety of terrain from jush forests to arid canyon lands. One ot the swell bits is the Dark Canyon Wilderness, still a largely unexplored area. Tree

The dirt met the pavement right near Natural Bridges National Monument, so naturally I went in and had a peek.


Veined Sandstone


Some bleached manzanita.

Canyon View

This is the north end of the Dark Canyon Wilderness area.


A interesting chunk of wood

Red Cliff

Red cliff feature

Red Butte


Sphinx Rock in Natural Bridges National Monument.


A tough spot to grow.

Spiral Weathered Log

Baked Branch

Baked Branch

Twisted Wood

Twisted Wood

Sipapu Bridge

This is Sipapu Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. This shot is a composite of about eight frames taken from underneath the bridge.

Dragon Rock

A rock that looks like some kind of creature.

Down in White Canyon

Down in White Canyon. Deer Creek coming in from the left.

Comb Ridge looking south.

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