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Fort Bragg on a Foggy Night

The fog rolls in.. It's late on a late spring night. Nothing on TV... never is. Grab the camera & tripod... it's time to take a walk. Columbi Motel

You don't have to walk too far for things to look different. The street right outside your door presents a new world. Sound is muted. Light hangs in the air. Diffused by the tiny droplets it seems to be weighted down by gravity. You can almost see the arc as it is pulled to Earth. Parking lot by Sushi House

This is where I have been staying while in Fort Bragg.... The Columbi Motel. It's there on the right, I'm in unit two... They also have the laundromat just beyond the motel and the deli accross the street, right next to the Mexican restaraunt. That's right, everything you need within a 200 foot radius. It is a multi-generation family-run business. Clean, tidy rooms with free coffee for weekenders at the deli! 707-964-5773

Downtown Fort Bragg where Highway 1 masquerades as Main Street. The tattoo parlor's neon sign adds to the color palette as does the traffic signal.

Crepuscular House

Lit by spotlights, the shadows cast by the Guest House Museum create the effect of intersecting crepuscular rays. Don't they realize youy're supposed to take the flag in at night?

The suburbs of Fort Bragg are an easy walk from the hustle and bustle of downtown. A few short blocks and you are there.

Two Houses on a Foggy Night

Backlit by the glow from down town, these two houses serenely pass the night.

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