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Deeper Into the Rockies

A dirt road is not the interstate. You can't pretend you are on the autobahn with the countryside flashing past at 150kph. You've left the fast lane, speed is an impossability. Relax, take your shoes off, roll down the windows and sniff the perfumes offered by the crisp, country air.

Tiny strata... in the rock...

A nice valley down there. The paved road runs along the left side of it... the dirt road isjust a few hundred feet below me.

Dry Weathering

In the high, dry Rockies, some wood develops golden tones as it ages.

The road goes on and on. At the base of those mountains in the distance is a town called Buena Vista... That's where I'm headed today. Those clouds let out a nice rain that night.


They posted a sign, but for the life of me I can't make out what it says.

The boulders over here seem to erode into stacks of pancakes.

While the day before the boulders were plutonic solids that tumbled down hills. Here it is more level and the great stones seem to have no choice but to slump in place as they are beaten my the eons.

Angry Chipmunk

I was not alone in those woods. My presence angered one of the local chipmunks who proceeded to make it quite clear that all of these rocks I was photographing were their rocks and next time I have better ask permission first.


Another example of how some wood develops beautiful colors in the high & dry Rockies. This is an upended stump with the roots sticking into the air.

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