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A Colorado Crawl

From Limon, Colorado I headed west. Back across the plains, through the forests of Ponderosa Pine. There was a bit of business to conduct in Castle Rock and then onward to the West. A dirt road "short cut" surpriosed me with this formation... Upended strata , almiost free standing.

I wanted to see what the strata looked like from the side... Time for the copter.

I started into the Rockies on Highway 67 and then turned off onto Pine Creek road... A lovely,twisty gravel road that runs along the scenic Pine Creek. The granite hills are spectacular and seem to have casually released house-sized boulders to decorate the rive banks.

Rocks & Boulders

The boulders seem so casually jumbled about, as if forgotten after play by a very very large child.

Chicken Rock

Something about this boulder reminds me of a plucked chicken. One good rain & it will be down by the river.

Mini Mounts

And there there are these two poking right up out of the ground.

Pine Creek Road runs into Highway 97. Highway 97 runs along the South Platte River. If you say on it long enough you will pass right by Cathedral Spires

All of that driving can work up an appetite... Stop in for a snack at the Coney Island Boardwalk cot dog stand Just outside of Bailey CO.

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