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Out of Gunnerson, CO

That is Chimney Rock on the left, Cimarron Ridge South in the middle and Turret Ridge on the right

Some very interesting heights just south of Silver Jack Reservoir in San Juan National Forest

Mountain Tops

More mountains in San Juan National Forest.

Up above these buttes is High Mesa

High Mesa

The Buttes

The walls of these buttes are studded with many smaller rocks... probably would be an easy climb.


Many points

That rock has a name... Chimney Rock. with Cimarron Ridge to the right

Dunsinane Mountain and Precipice Peak

Chimney Rock

Cimarron Ridge

Joe Davis Canyon on Highway 141 in Colorado. Those rocks are big. On the ridge to the right one of the upper strata is thick and very strong, The underlaying strata is friable & erodes quickly undermining the hefty layer... Eventually these huge chunks break off and roll down the slope... None while I was watching... but I was ready for it!

More Big Rocks

That triangle shaped rock is HUGE house-sized, even.

Wheel Cover

Just a fancy wheel cover busted up in the dirt.

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