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Mt Rushmore to Bell Fourche, SD

You know this picture. It has been taken millions of times through millions of cameras. It might have been hyped enough as to be seen as patriotic kitsch by some. But, come one... you're in the Western side of South Dakota. You like the idea of driving around the fascinating, unique & complex geological structure that is the Black Hills of South Dakota. There is no harm in it. The mountain air is magnificent and refreshing. Cabin in the hills

When you get to Mount Rushmore notice the license plates... they are from everywhere. Notice the people. You will hear regional dialects from all over the US and languages from all over the world. Get out of your car, walk around, watch the tourists... it's fun. There is one point to note: the hillside faces East so you will get the best light if you get there early in the day.

Barns by the Mountain

In just about the middle of the Black Hills two old farm buildings stand in the summer heat.

The side of a barn turned golden

I'm not sure what is exactly the process but some bare pine turns golden as it ages out here in the West. I would hazard that the golden side doesn't get the rain & dampness as the front of this barn that has turned grey.

Hole in a Hill

Is it an outlaw's hideaway or is it the entrance to a mine? in any case it is a neatly braced & bracketed hole in the side of a hill.

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