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Hell Creek, MT

Nice little town, Cohagen. I took the day to go out into the Hell Creek area to read & write a little. The weather was still unsettled, overcast and a cool breeze was blowing... every once in a while the wind would blow a spot of sunshine my way for which I was quite grateful.


There was lots and lots of sandstone in the area which had deposited layer after layer millions of years ago. it made for some interesting textures.

Sandstone Shelves

Some cliff faces weathered into odd shelves stacked over each other.

Strange Protrusions

Strange round protrusions... not petrified wood but quite curious

Interesting formation

This one is interesting in that you can see how it formed & broke up and then a second material surrounded all of the broken elements and encased them.

Whale stone

These squarish blocks seem tumbled like dice...

A weathered protrusion at the edge of a cliff.

Tippling Boulders

Huge blocks of stone balanced on a sharp ridge... one of these eons they will tumble.

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