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To Wall, SD

How much fun you can have on the drive from Pierre to Wall! I drove the "Bad River Road" out of Pierre and saw some really beautiful hills. The Bad River Road is a good digression. It is well graveled and clearly marked. There are a few alternative routes you can take away from it and after driving through barren hills for what seems like forever you pass into gigantic fields of Sunflowers and after a few miles be right back into the wide-open, empty hills.

A forgotten fuel tanks in Wendt SD

Forgotten fuel tanks & vehicles in Wendt SD

There is an car axle complete with tires here

Sometimes they take the good parts of the car and just levee the axle & tires behind.

The Wide empty spaces south of of the Bad River road

A bridge without a beginning nor end

Here is a bridge that has neither a beginning nor end its just the crossing part.

A Shed in a Field

This Old Shed... way out in a big, open field... it's just waiting

an abandoned house in Capa, South Dakota

Ah, this old wreck of a house in Capa, South Dakota it has the perfect assortment of junk on display.

An old wooden-spoked truck tire

You can see exactly what happened. They drove up to the log and parked to go inside. When they came out, someone had come along and stolen everything except the front wheels!

A tiny house with a private bathroom

yes, it is a Tiny House and it has it's own, private outhouse... wheel it's private if you don't count the mice & snakes lurking about.

another abandoned house in Capa

Capa, South Dakota probably had a lot foingfor it at one point... there area number of abandoned houses, another that still has signs of occupancy... this is one of the abandoned ones.

the church in Capa, South Dakota

Capa has a Church too. though the structure down't look too sturdy, someone has recently takes the effort to carefully burn out the weeds along the entry walk.

His and Hers

A pair of outhouses back behind the old schoolhouse in Capa. I don't think they are plumbed for use.

Large Abandoned House

This old farmhouse was probably home to a large family of a well-off farmer, it certainly could have held them.

Cottonwood Church

This is the church in Cottonwood, South Dakota. yes it looks abandoned and the town itself seems forsaken, but please notice as you drive around how well tended all of the grass is in town. someone must have a riding mower.

Wall Dinosaur

Once you have reached Wall, South Dakota, you must stop and pay homage to the dinosaur. Yes, you must. Just do it.

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