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San Francisco Steamer

San Francisco Steamer

It is serious business piloting these steam ferries around the San Francisco Bay... shoveling coal, watching gages & twiddling valves... the fellows have to hustle to makes sure everything runs on time. For the passengers it is a different story. They arrive in 3/4 time, serious in their demeanor, on their way to work in the Tall Buildings. They are thinking about the upcoming deals and business of the day. Though they might not be shoveling coal, it's still a work day.

What's this? There are interlopers! People on holiday who disembark in a jolly fashion and go skipping down the wharf away from the Tall Buildings. For them the sun is brighter and the day holds much more promise.

But for the workers on the steamer the day continues. More coal, more sweat, steam valves hissing, cylinders pumping, steam wheel churning the cold water of the bay.

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        Indian Summer
        Skipping Over the Lily Pads
        Gravity Wave
    Nouveau Guinea
        Les Baricades Misterieuses
        Bumblebee's Briefcase

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