The future's here at last
  upload your mind.
Neurons are the past.

Welcome to the world
  of the techno-revolution.
Now we take the next step
  of human evolution.

Silicone wetware interface,
  plug me in, begin the trace.
All my brain waves will be captured,
  I'm gonna be part of the digital rapture.

Let the world rejoice.
  Machines will have a voice.
Put an end to suffering,
  simplify the choice.

Our processes run faster,
  our circuits never sleep.
Come be a robot hero
  and bring the world our peace.

To generate the vocals in this song I used the Sinsy HMM-based Singing voice synthesizer This is a system where I upload a MusicXML file to their server and they return a pretty good approximation of what I uploaded... the MusicXML file describes the note I want sung, the duration, & the words to associate with the note(s). In practie I ended up spelling most words by their phonemes so :
"future's" becomes fu[f,uw]-tures[ch,er,s*]
"Neurons" becomes "Neur[n,ey,ew,r]-ons[ah,n,s]"

This is available on all major streaming services.
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Gort Braggern Posts
Solar Wind
Dec 17, 2020
In the guise of Gort Braggern I mashed together this cluster of melodies. Mosltly in 5/4 time, it closes out in 9/4...I tried to make it danceable, or at least head-bobbable.
Ring Ring (the telephone rings)
Oct 26, 2018
Ring, ring,     the telephone rings, but we're not near to answer.
Apr 20, 2018
Goodness gracious! Am I doing techno now? Well I decided to write something that you could dance to... or maybe a little bit of head-bobbing. It gives me a chance to use robots in the cover art.
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