Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera


On one of my drive-abouts I found myself in Yellowstone National Park. it's a jolly fun place if you like that sort of thing... You know... Buffalo, trees, geysers & such. It pushes a couple of my buttons for sure. Yellowtone has wo many cool sounds that I simply had to record some of them.

Mud pots that go glurp, glurp. Little holes in the ground that sound like they are gargling. Big, deep pools that release giant bubbles of gas.... Caves at the edge of pools that belch forth great volumes of steam and water then the water flows back in for the next show. They must have good writers there for the variety is seemingly endless.

There is a lot of subsonic sound being created at Yellowstone. In some areas you can put your hand on the boardwalk and feel the movement of the ground. When reviewing the recordings I was pretty astounded at how much subsonic stuff there was. Then you are there... after a few minutes your brain adjusts and tunes it out but microphones & recording devices don't do that. So I found it kind of thrilling... That said, I still attenuated it a bit...

I want to go back with a different set of gear. More mics & multi-channel recordings and figure out how to capture that sensation of feeling the ground heave from the great indigestion below.

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  Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera
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