One Last Snow

Last week was the last snow of April... Crews had been at work clearing the roads that had been closed all winter and you could have access to the trailheads that were deeper in the hills. And then it snowed. It was a fortunate snow. From Sunday into Monday. So when I headed out on Monday, there were 6 - 8 inches of fresh powder and all of the snowmobiles had gone home. Just me, the snow and the silence.

I like looking across and seeing the tops of the clouds in the valley below and the bottoms of the clouds above.

Sierra Buttes North

I walked in a few miles to a ridge where I got this nice view of the Sierra Buttes North. The snow was just so perfect. I continued walking, heading farther in, but then it started snowing again. ...Aww, it'll clear... I kept walking. It continued snowing, visibility became worse. I realized I wasn't going to get any more pictures. It also occurred to me that I might be better off going down to an area that was less precipitous. So I curled my route down hill and around back to the general direction of the car.

Two days later, I went to the same spot. It wasn't snowing, and it was still a weekday so the snowmobiles still hadn't arrived. little less snow and the powder had pack a bit and formed a crust. Beautiful day

I turned around and took a shot across the lakes basin to Mount Elwell.

Lake Melt

Gold Lake's ice cover is half-gone.

Mount Elwell from the Pacific Crest Trail, just a bit above 7000 feet. In this panorama you can see snow-capped Mount Lassen way off to the left. Remember, if you click on the picture you can see a large version of it.


This tree fell a long time ago.

Jeffrey Pine

A Jeffrey Pine up in the clear, blue sky.

The constant breeze has contorted this pine into an interesting configuration. In a couple-hundred years it's going to be pretty interesting.

Tall Stump

I guess one could drag out the old groaner: "This stump is outstanding in its field". But I wouldn't do that to you, this 20-foot stump is up on a hill. I like how the wind and the reflected solar radiation has melted a nice stage for it to dance around in.

Pine Burl

And that big ol' stump has a big ol' burl this is about 24 inches across.

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  One Last Snow
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