More of the bendy bits

A few more images from the bendy parts of the Adirondacks around Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia

Fencepost with Chain

Out back in the woods, this feller chained all his Fence posts together. I guess he thought someone might steal them.

A street in a mining town

Chained Fence Post

Another chained up fencepost in the woods... Gotta keep the trees from escaping.


Angel at the Gettysburg Memorial

Bronse Patina

Some of the bronze canon in the Gettysburg memorial. I love the bright turquoise color

Washington Monument Pose

Yesm I know, bad exposure... My previous shot was inside. but this couple was having fun & I wanted to capture the moment.

Assessing the Shot

A few frames later... I had adjusted my camera for a better exposure, & the couple was deciding if their picture captured what they wanted.

I like how the exposed brick bleeds over the white paint.

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Travel Posts
Oh My Ears and Whiskers!
Oct 18, 2019
Yikes, more pictures from the past few months. A little Random with no story line.
  More of the bendy bits
Wiggling through the Adirondacks
Oct 18, 2018
Moseying about again... I had intended to head into the Northern parts of Quebec but once I arrived in Montreal, the Canadian weather informed me that only a fool would head up there in late October without a warm coat.
Aug 21, 2017
Although I was headed into Washington I drove up through Idaho to enter by Moscow, Idaho. I've heard reports of the areas beauty for years... time to check it out. Moscpw, to Pullman, Wa. and head west. Many beautiful bottom valleys.
Hey, Let's hit Idaho
Aug 10, 2017
So I decided to scoot over to Washington... First I had to get across Idaho.
Highway 162, the West End
Jun 05, 2016
This set of pictures is from the western end of highway 162 in California. It is a 125 mile long section of road, the greater portion unpaved, that takes you from highway 101 just south of Laytonville all of the way to Willows at Interstate 5.
A Jaunt to Nevada
Jun 04, 2016
Though San Francisco is the place to be, it was no more the place for me. It was the end of February. Time was up for my place in Pacific Heights and I wanted to get a little more distance between myself & the house remodel. My solution was to move to Fort Bragg for the remainder of the house thing. "But why, then, did you drive to Nevada?" You sagely ask. It's simple. Since we were selling the house, I needed a new mailing address.
A Utah Loop
Sep 05, 2016
The Distance from Blanding, Utah to Bluff Utah is only about 25 miles but if you plan carefully you can make it in 200. I had planned carefully... I had planned to be responsible, put in a day and and drive from Blanding to Torrey. After all The previous day I had driven 120 miles and landed 21 miles from my starting point... I needed to make "progress" gol darn it! and 175 miles farther down the road was furthering my cause. I was less than two blocks down the road when I saw a sign that read "Mexican Hat 50 miles."
Out of Gunnerson, CO
Sep 04, 2016
After leaving Gunnerson, Colorado I took a detour through the San Juan National Forest.
A Layover Day in Buena Vista
Sep 03, 2016
Sometimes it's good to stop. All of those places you've been driving through... Well. People live there... Yes, they spend weeks at a time in one place... Years even, I hear tell. So if you want to feel like a real local, you have to spend at least a day in one place. I decided to settle down in Buena Vista it seemed like a nice place to call home.
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