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The Yodel is a construction of my own. The Content Management System, flawed & incomplete as it is, is the latest rendering of the Planet Chicken page-o-matic system that I have been poking at since 2000.

The CMS is built with php & mysql. It isn't fancy, it does just what I need it to do. Since I like to wander about at times, I have build it so I generate content on my laptop or main machine & it will sync everything when I happen to run into a connection and tell it to go... Since I only need a connection when uploading the new content. I am able to do so over a cellphone connection. This is kinda handy.

TheYodel.com is an attempt to centralize a lot iof the junk that I do. There is no commenting yet, I cant imagine would want to make a comment on these pages. but if you want to, you can reach me through the Contact page.

For the photo geeks out there, I am a mainly Canon DSLR shooter. Though I find the iPhone rather convenient, the experience of hauling a cumbersome rig about, setting up & taking a shot has satisfaction all of it's own. I suppose schlepping an 8 x 10 large format camera & exposing glass plates could only be that much more fun!

Most of my music can be found on at Chicken House Records as well as apple music, spotify etc. I release music under a few different names. for piano stuff I use the character "Gerluz."., There are a few albums and lots of singles.

I use Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble for Small ensemble stuff. Ensemble pieces are a huge amount of fun, but take a fair amount of attention...

For the more modern stuff I use the moniker "Gort Braggern". Lively, guitars, drums, synths... a wider sonic palette than a piano and a few instruments. Gort Braggern is an anagram of my name... and golly since it includes "Gort" I can use a Robot ast the artist representation and with a robot as the image I tend to lean a little techie on the whole thing. Oops.

I also have a penchant for hauling my audio rig to places that I think might sound intersting and I releast some of those recording under the name Sonic Landscapes. I have one set of recordings that I made in Yosemite National Park...gugling noises, blurps, and steady throaty hisses... a few of those, for some reason, were quite popular for a while. One of the recordings that I like is one where I made way out in Ontario Late September in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill... it was such a clear, beautiful day. I could see for miles all around. There had been a frost and the trees were turning and the insect life had been pretty much shut down for the year. It was so quiet. There was just the faintest amount of sound so that you knew your ears were still working. Well, of course I had to record it. so I have a fifteen minute audio file, properly named and filed away of pretty much nothing. the hiss of the recording gear is almost louder than the occasional murmurs that show up. But, that;'snot one I will post... people might think I am trying to rip off John Cage.

Anyhow... that's it. you can reach me through the Contact page.

        The Day We Met
        Porphero's Watch Chain
        Les Langueurs Tendres
    Gort Braggern
        Prickly Pear
        Solar Wind
    Sonic Landscapes
        Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera
        Low Tide at Soberanes Point,
        Nightbirds on the Noyo River
    Nouveau Guinea Ensemble
        The Tiny Jalopy
        The Bunnies Parade
      Beckwourth Complex Fire
      One Last Snow
      Let's Try a Little Winter
      Bits of VA
      Wiggling the Adirondacks
      Mister Frank
      The Ice Follies
      House Remodel (series)
          The Remodel Begins
          Tear 'em Up
          Putting Things Back
      And Then Aug & Sep

Recent Posts
The Day We Met
Apr 14, 2022
This is a slow, musing song. The character is looking at a wall of photos and is thinking back to the day they met the love of their life. How, in that moment, their life was changed and all of the intervening years of cherished memories that sprang from it.
The Beckwourth Complex Fire
Jul 11, 2021
July 7, 2021. Heading back from the hills I saw big smoke and decided to drive over to get a better idea of how close to me it actually was... it was about a mile from the highway, I pulled over to take a few snapshots.
One Last Snow
May 03, 2021
And then it snowed. It was a fortunate snow. From Sunday into Monday. So when I headed out on Monday, there were 6 - 8 inches of fresh powder and all of the snowmobiles had gone home. Just me, the snow and the silence.
Mister Frank
Apr 29, 2021
Back in 2006 I spend a couple of months in the French Quarter of New Orleans. While I was there I involved myself with a locals bar called Evelyn's Place.
Let's Try a Little Winter
Apr 18, 2021
Now that April is here, I guess it is safe to talk about Winter. it was a mild winter up here in the hills & I have discovered the joys of getting lost in the woods on snowshoes.
Prickly Pear
Jan 28, 2021
This is the perfect tune for snapping your fingers to as you step down the street. Yes, you too can be as wild as one of the mid-century hipsters... Bobbing your head, yeah, man, it's like sputnik all over again.
Jan 21, 2021
A quick little wind ensemble piece to create an oasis of calm in a hectic day.
Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera
Jan 14, 2021
On one of my drive-abouts I found myself in Yellowstone National Park. it's a jolly fun place if you like that sort of thing... You know... Buffalo, trees, geysers & such. It pushes a couple of my buttons for sure. Yellowtone has wo many cool sounds that I simply had to record some of them.
Porphero's Watch Chain
Jan 07, 2021
Porphero's watch Chain is a straight-forward, two-voice investigation into the unrequited feelings a pocket watch might have for it's companion watch chain.
The Ice Follies
Jan 02, 2021
There is an old proverb: "A fooish person and their camera soon becomes tedious." This is a risk faced by everyone who walks about with a camera hanging around their necks like an albatross.
Les Langueurs Tendres
Dec 24, 2020
This is the final of a series of Fran├žois Couperin pieces. "The Slow Tenderness" is a lovely little tune.
Solar Wind
Dec 17, 2020
In the guise of Gort Braggern I mashed together this cluster of melodies. Mosltly in 5/4 time, it closes out in 9/4...I tried to make it danceable, or at least head-bobbable.
La Bersan by Fran├žouis Couperin
Dec 10, 2020
Here we go again... another of Couperin's harpsichord pieces
Yes, Summer is Over
Nov 29, 2020
Well Golly, if one thing is for certain up in these hills it is that , at some point, the weather is going to turn chilly. At least the snow doesn't burn. And every thing looks different with snow around... It gives one the opportunity to take pictures of all of the same things and have them look fresh.
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