Wiggling through the Adirondacks

Moseying about again... I had intended to head into the Northern parts of Quebec but once I arrived in Montreal, the Canadian weather informed me that only a fool would head up there in late October without a warm coat. I was that fool, but I really didn't fancy being a cold, miserable wet fool without a warm coat, so I turned around and headed south back to the States where I can order a cup of coffee without making a complete idiot of myself... most of the time. Coal town Apartment

Imagine pressing your finger on a sheet of wet paper that is laying on a wet table. When you move your finger up and to the left a bit, the paper warps and creates furrows and ridges from the distortion. If you look at satellite images of the Adirondacks—and you should at every opportunity—you will notice how they seem to bend and warp within Pennsylvania, similar to your finger and the paper. I once read that there was an ancient volcanic plug somewhere deep in the earth's crust around those parts, (I haven't been able to find the article since.) If that really is the case you could consider the plug your finger and the earth's crust the wet paper. Blue Back Door

Anyhow, after fleeing the Onset of Winter, I found myself in those bendy parts. I have always been curious about bendy things and this seemed like a convenient time to wander about a bit. Some of the flowing ridges envelope broad, open agricultural areas of rolling hills covered with golden crops and wooded glens. Then you drive up the next ridge and see anthracite distributors... signs of mining... then you are down in a narrower valley. There are no fertile expanses. Just trees, roads trucks and perhaps a mining town.

There is probably an interesting story behind the evolution of this building. A neon sign low down on the right side the says "Seitzinger Motors." It has that almost-too-short "sunroom" addition on the left. Just a curious building to think about.

Shicks Cafe Calcutta

The sign says "Cafe Calcutta", an exotic name for this little Cafe.

A little yellow addition. Well, a version of yellow... dark chrome yellow? Not quite enough red to make it to pumpkin.


The thing about these long, skinny houses is that when their long, skinny neighbor is missing they look incomplete. Imagine how difficult it must be to keep warm with all of that surface area.

And The Wires!

Yes indeed, this town has lots of wires between the buildings.

The Bosses House

While it might be a little worse for the wear now, this house has some grand bones.


It looks like someone is keeping the grass cut. The house is looking a little overgrown.

The Bosses House

Another town, another fancy boss's house. This was the only fancy house in that small town... someone was definitely displaying rank.

Frackville Health Center

If you live in a town named Frackville, it is probably a good thing to have a health center. I wonder what the water tastes like.

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  Wiggling through the Adirondacks
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