And Then There was August & September

Yes, August has its good points. Taking a break from packing the house. Foolong around a bit with the long lens. Hmmm. I wonder how close an 800mm will bring a plane flying overhead? I wonder if I could even hold the lens still enough to get an unblurred image? Oooh, nice picture of the clouds. Yeah, uh huh. Where's the plane? A couple more attempts. Geepers those things go fast way up there. I finally managed to catch one. You can even read the numbers on the wings... now I can check that one off of my list! The Plane, the Plane

The blue jay is acting a bit self-conscious. Pin feathers coming in make him look quite awkward and so he compensates by acting with more bravado and investigating things more fiercely. If I leave the back door open he will hop right up to the threshold and survey the inside of the house. I suppose he is either acting in a supervisory role or seeing if there is anything inside that he has a use for. In either case, he is keeping an eye on things. Everyone should have a watch-jay. Blue Jay

It seems like time is running short so quickly... So much to do. I've hired a storage unit out by Sacramento & have been hauling stuff the 200 miles out there. The storage space fills as the house empties out. I'm learning the joy of driving through the East Bay. Ah jinkers, really? People really drive through that mess on a regular basis. I'm surprised BART isn't more popular.

Bird House Boot

There is a Tree along highway 50 in Nevada that is called the Shoe Tree because it seems that everybody that drives by has to throw a pair of shoes up into it... (I just took pictures). In Idaho there is a fence that runs about a mile that has old boots slipped over every fence post. My Mother saw this boot and knew it would make a perfect bird house. with a piece of copper to keep the rain out it did!

Onion bloom

The onion has bloomed & is seeding. This is the same onion flower that I took a picture of in May. It s at the bottom of the page in that post. Onions are interesting plants.

Birch Seeds on Hydrangea Leaf

I like the debris that falls from birch trees.

Twisty Plant

I was completely mystified then this twisty plant showed up in the yard. It seems I had some store ginger that was starting to bold so I stuck it into the ground & promptly forgot about it. When I took the picture it was about 10 inches tall. the twisty bits are from the tip of one leach being captured in the bas of the leaf below. I don't know if they always do this or because I had stuck this in a part of the yard that didn't get too much water.

Birch Seeds

I really do like birch duff. It has such an interesting visual texture. I figure it would make a really good background texture for something... Maybe just cover an entire wall...

Old Cement Aggregate

Once I start taking pictures for background images it's hard to stop with just one. It's very handy to have a wide library of all kinds of textures. This is the 60 year old concrete that makes up the back yard patio.


This is a background shot of an old brick. Lots of interesting aggregate used in this one.

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The Ice Follies
Jan 02, 2021
There is an old proverb: "A fooish person and their camera soon becomes tedious." This is a risk faced by everyone who walks about with a camera hanging around their necks like an albatross.
  And Then There was August & September
What Happened to July?
Aug 18, 2015
One of the nice things about July is that the ginger plant blooms. This is probably the last year I get to see this one do it. It's growing by the front door & some of the stalks reach 8-feet in height. This year there are about 16 stalks.
Where Do Tractors Go?
Apr 20, 2004
On American farms, the most important innovation of the last century is the tractor. From its introduction as a steam-powered behemoth, the tractor enabled a farmer to accomplish more work with less labor. The farmer was able to till and harvest larger sections of land.
Apr 14, 2003
Raspberry, the word can evoke images of a Bronx cheer, a bright-red variety of soda-pop or a small, delicate fruit with a subtle taste that some feel is akin to heaven on earth. My first experience with this fruit was nowhere so divine.
Aug 23, 1995
Consider, if you will, the plight of the suburban squirrel. They have no written history, therefore their only link with the knowledge and experiences of their ancestors is through oral recitation. With squirrel's memory what it is, things get rather garbled over time. They tell of a time when when they ruled the planet, dogs and cats would run from them and it was the cars that were confused when facing a squirrel in the middle of a road.
Jun 15, 1995
She was right up my alley, but she was in someone else's car.... When I saw her, I was mesmerized. Standing like a deer in the highbeams, transfixed in awe and wonder at the light, never realizing as soon as I had stopped, I was roadkill, my muscles twitching as my blood jelled on the pavement beside me.
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