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Copper Trail

May & June get lumped together. Lots of packing. 56 years of house to deal with. Getting my replacements at Gryphon up and running. I took one of my cameras to work to shoot a bit. The ever-photogenic Paul Jacobs was found playing on an old Gibson upstairs. Paul Jacobs in the attic

I also went down to Rick Turner's guitar shop with Michael Simmons. Gryphon sells a lot of Rick Turner's instruments... guitars and ukuleles. & it's always a lot of fun going down there to pick out the wood for Rick to use when building the instruments.

Rick Turner & Uke

Rick Turner playing a sycamore ukulele at his shop

Copper Plate Patina

Before packing up the copper plate project I thought I would take pictures of them in their current state. I wonder how they will look next time I see them.

Copper Plate Art

It is amazing the variety of colors & patterns that your get with the simple application of vinegar, ammonia, water, baking soda, salt, water, leaves, heat & chemicals in different configurations & amounts.

Moody Copper

Yes, I was playing with a number of copper plates. it is way too much fun... all you have to do is be patient & wait.

Copper stripe

Sometimes I wonder how much of the process I was really able to control or to what degree.

Copper Plate Art

Some of the plates were quite striking. There is always the temptation to stop the process at some dramatic point. But I always come back to wondering what it is going to do next.

Copper Squiggle

And I wonder what causes certain patterns to develop.

Copper Plate Figure

This is an area on a copper plate where I left a few dense of crystals of something to dissolve over a few months..That was a year ago, now it is looking like this.

Copper portrait

I can hear the accented voice now... \"Tell me vat you see in ze picture, Vatever first comes to your mind....\"

Onion Flower

I also pulled out the 100 - 400mm lens again and played paparazzi to the onion flower.


And while packing up a box of old, rusty horse shoes (doesn't everyone have at least a dozen?) I pointed the big lens at them too.

Full Moon on a cloudy night

It was a Full Moon... the overcast sky gave the night \"atmosphere\" ...and an excuse to play with the 100 - 400mm lens.

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