Yes, Summer is Over

Well Golly, if one thing is for certain up in these hills it is that, at some point, the weather is going to turn chilly. At least the snow doesn't burn. And every thing looks different with snow around... It gives one the opportunity to take pictures of all of the same things and have them look fresh.

Of course, before the snow struck there were a few days of beautiful, calm, sunny weather. While they might be rather cold, I believe the proper term is "Brisk and Refreshing"... good excuse for a walk.

Quilted Pine

Yes, it is just a dead pine tree. But that pattern on the outside makes me wonder... If it was sawn into boards, would they have a pronounced quilted pattern? But this dead tree is in a national protected area... just admire and wonder.

And then the weather arrived. The clouds dropped down and scraped the mountain tops leaving behind a nice layer of fluffy white stuff.

Snowy Path

Everything becomes new and fresh Walking trails that were becoming tired & redundant display a charming new side.


And neighbors you were hardly aware of before make their presence known.


Poking out here and there are reminders of the warm times... a few days earlier.

Spring Trail

Placed 10 feet or more above the ground, I suppose that when this sign pointing to the "Spring Trail" is at eye-level Is about the time that you need reminding that Spring is just around the corner.

Then you have a warmer, sunny day followed by a brutally cold night. On this hillside, The bits of clinging, fluffy snow grew ice crystals

Furry Snow

The crystals growing out of the snow made it look furry... So I needed to take a picture of it on a fir tree.

Forested Snow

Walking over the hills, the forests are different. The tree trunks contrasting with the ground...

Feathered Ice

One morning I went out I saw that the hood of my car had become this. An amazing feathered ice pattern. It only lasted a few minutes after the sun came up. It had to be a sign! Clearly it was cold the night before.

Bear Prints

Later the same day I came across these bear prints in the snow... I like the classic Pigeon-toed walk... I decided not to go in that direction.

Snow Path

The first footprints on this snowy path will be mine. But first I want to admire it before I go stomping all over it and ruin it.

Ponderosa Pine

Did you know I have a thing for Ponderosa Pine trees? They are one of my faves... top five, at least — Sorry, I can't rank any tree higher than top five, because my favorite tree is always the one I am in front of.... But for Ponderosas, its not only the massive grandeur of the big ones, gnarled, "all-elbows" branches, their red-amber color ... The bark... when you look closely... is made of all of these abstractly-shaped flakes and the older and lager the tree is, the more I am amazed by them... Oh yeah, and they smell really nice too!

Blue Sky and Pine Trees

Up near the top of Mount Elwell, I'm standing in the middle of a dried out pond... well dry except for about a foot of snow. See those red Ponderosa pines? Way up here there is a whole lot of wind so they don't have an abundance of wide spreading branches. But I still like how they look

Ponderosa Pine

Yes, another Ponderosa Pine tree trunk... This one is not as close and it is a much older tree. I like how the tree defines the panels of color. It seems the older the tree, the larger the panels. And while I can find myself at times spending way too long admiring these trees, I won't subject you to any more of these kind of pictures (today).

Way off in the distance, you can see the volcano Mount Lassen. it's about 70 miles (112km) away, as the crow flies.

This is a view along the Feather River Valley looking down stream to the North West. Just beyond the left edge you would barely see Mount Lassen. The thing that caused me to take this shot on that day was seeing how the clouds were forming just on the leading edge of the eastern mountain range. I am guessing that if the winds were blowing faster that day the air currents would have been more laminar and the clouds would have been lenticular in form.

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Solar Wind
Dec 17, 2020
In the guise of Gort Braggern I mashed together this cluster of melodies. Mosltly in 5/4 time, it closes out in 9/4...I tried to make it danceable, or at least head-bobbable.
Le Moucheron
Dec 17, 2020
I wonder why François Couperin would name this tune "The Gnat?" (or "The Midge" if you prefer) Could it me that gnats had a significance in 1717 that I am as yet unaware?
La Bersan by Françouis Couperin
Dec 10, 2020
Here we go again... another of Couperin's harpsichord pieces
  Yes, Summer is Over
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Nov 19, 2020
The Mysterious Barricades... What might François Couperin have been referring to when he titled this one?
Les Bergeries
Nov 12, 2020
A piece written by written by François Couperin for the Harpsichord & published in 1717.
Nov 06, 2020
A cute little tine in 12/8... except for the bridge... it jumps around a bit there... almost latin sounding. I named it after a favorite chili pepper. the Chiltepin, also known as a bird's eye pepper.
Low Tide at Soberanes Point, CA
Oct 20, 2020
Once again I found myself at the ocean with nothing better to do than subject my microphones to hostile conditions. I had been driving up and down along the coast south of Monterey looking for the right spot. I was looking for a protected cove-type location. One without a mile-long expanse of sand and giant waves from the deep ocean to come crashing in.
Wandering Around the Hills Nearby
Oct 11, 2020
Been spending a little time wandering about the local hills seeing what they have to offer... on days when the air is clear enough... Which lately has been more often than not, couldn't say that a few weeks ago, and really, there isn't much I can say about the wildfires that hasn't been said better already. I've only been inconvenienced by the smoke & fires... others have had it infinitely worse.
Nightbirds on the Noyo River
Oct 02, 2020
Way in the background, you can hear the distant roar of the surf. This location was about a mile and a half from the open sea and high tide was about an hour earlier.
Oct 01, 2020
Do you ever have projects like that? They are sitting over on a shelf and you're thinking: "Oh, I gotta finish that one day..." Then one day arrives and you go over & look at it and realize it has been finished the whole time. It just needs a little dusting and some paint touchup.
Sep 17, 2020
Sometimes, when writing a song the title arrives first. Coffee Time Rag is an example. Other times you work out a musical idea and a title comes along during the process......
A Bit Above Sea Level
Aug 04, 2020
I decided the ocean air was too thick so I headed up to the Sierras. Walking around a little bit. You might think that camera gear might become lighter the closer you get to outer space, but that ain't so. I am beginning to suspect that the weight of camera gear increases in direct ratio to the number of miles one carries it multiplied by altitude.
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Buzzed down from Redding to Monterey... This is not the train I rode in on, but you can find it parked along highway 273 in Redding.
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Jun 25, 2020
A calming and slower piece in four acts and four minutes. Something to listen to while you are supping your morning beverage watching the sun rise though the cherry blossoms.
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Jun 11, 2020
My cartoon vision was complete no longer would the oppressed melodies cower in fear of a jangly piano.
Coffee Time Rag
Jun 11, 2020
It's time for a ragtime song! This song was scheduled to be released in the middle of May but my "Streaming Distributor" is a tad backed up. Oh well. Sorry to keep you-all waiting. There are still twomore finished peiced in their queue & I have a few other songs on the boiler.
My Latin Bouquet
May 01, 2020
The original title of this song was "in the Shade of the Ombu". ... the Ombu being a tree that grows in the pampa of Argentina & Uruguay. I was imagining a restful siesta under a tree, maybe a couple of Gauchos strumming their guitarras. But then I had another thought.
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