Let's Try a Little Winter

Now that April is here, I guess it is safe to talk about Winter. it was a mild winter up here in the hills & I have discovered the joys of getting lost in the woods on snowshoes. In January I walked up to Long Lake. More snow than a month earlier.

Eureka Peak with the clouds cresting over after a snow fall.

A few weeks later, the snow has all dried up in the lower elevations. The view is toward Mt Lassen which is engulfed in the cloud cover,

Ice Indeed

While wandering around in the woods in the lower elevations.... I was intrigued by how the ice freezes around the layers of pine needles.

Snow Hat

Finally we had a good, long snow. The bird houses here acquired a generous helping.

Snow-Heaped Roof

This bird house seems a little burdened by its winter's gift.

Half a Heap

A few hours later it cast off half of the pile. Isn't that better?

Volcanos in snow

My local extinct volcano study mounts graced with snow cover.

Upturned Stump

This tree tumbled toward the creek years ago and the weathered roots catch the snow quite nicely.

I just thought the cloud was kind of fun. The left side could be either an elephant or an eye.

I got up really early one morning to grab this shot of the sunrise just hitting Mount Lassen. Ooh, the smudge in the air... It looks like quite a few people heat with wood fires.


What would a post about Winter be without a picture of icicles? Breaking trail up to a lake I found a big rock with big icicles.

Everything is smoother in winter. The snow drifts and fills in all of the nooks and crannies.

Tromp, tromp, tromp. O'er the lovin' hills.
'Til 'last ye find the meadows kind
an' stop to rest your fill.

The Edge of a snow drift where it meets the front of a small dam. The dam channels the wind along to the edge and helps to form these interesting patterns.

Snow Plaster

The night before had snow with pretty good winds. So all of the windward sides of the trees were encrusted with snow for a few hours.

Snow Outline

Wind blown snow created a vertical highlight on with windward side of this pine tree as well.

Otter Playland

One long slide and then another. One morning I was up in the hills just about 6000 feet (1800m) and came across this playful track. "What... Otters? Up here?" I thought. The lakes are all frozen and there are no rivers up here just a couple of small creeks. I wonder what it had for breakfast.

...And it Walked Away

After the fun sliding around, the otter walked away and went about its business.

With glowering clouds to the north one wonders... Where should I head next?

Twisting Jeffrey Pine

Blown bare on the windward side, this Jeffrey Pine points the way down hill.

Long Lake turns a beautiful aqua marine color as the Spring thaw takes pace.

Tucked between two pines right of center, is the flat top of Beckwourth Peak/

Gold Lake viewed from the ridge on the West Side.

Round Lake at about 6800 feet. That's Mt Elwell over to the right.

This is taken from the ridge to the Northwest of Gold Lake looking NNW. At the base of Mount Elwell you can catch a glimpse of Long Lake. Big Bear Lake is just below right of center this entire area drains down Graeagle Creek to the Feather River

Anybody Home?

This looks like a nice, cozy stump-highrise to spend the winter in. I wonder what rents are like?

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This is the final of a series of François Couperin pieces. "The Slow Tenderness" is a lovely little tune.
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I wonder why François Couperin would name this tune "The Gnat?" (or "The Midge" if you prefer) Could it me that gnats had a significance in 1717 that I am as yet unaware?
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